HOG Trough Week 23

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October 24th 2011 Share 23
This is the last week of pickups for the farm! Both EVEN and ODD week shares can come this week. Thanks for a great season! Don’t forget to renew for next year! Application are at pickup.
Whats Happening At the Farm
Wow, what a great party last night! We were able to raise about $3000 to go towards our Capital Improvement Fund! Sean has been meeting with different companies to see about a solar array at the farm, and this money should go a long way. Thank you to Painters for helping us throw a great benefit, and thanks to Rusty String Band and The New Students for keeping us entertained. And of course a big thanks to all the members and board members who contributed their time, money, and talent to be sure the event was a big success! Thank you Barry for the artwork, Ilene, Nancy, and Mary for all the flowers and decorations, Shoel for all the labels, and Jennifer, Katherine, Paul, Don, Gerri, and Ed for their help setting up, taking tickets, and cleaning up.

You can renew your share this week for next season! Look for applications at the farm pickup. One again we are not increasing in size, so renew now before we open up to our waiting list. Only $100 renews your share for next season!

In Season Now
some combinations of:
sweet potatoes
winter squash
salad mix
braising greens

Briermere Fruit Share Week 19,20,21
Because the fruit share started late this year, we have 3 weeks of fruit for you to take home and store! Apples last for a long time in the fridge, or even in a cool basement. Store them to enjoy until Christmas!

6 bags of mixed apple varieties

Pick Your Own
Pick your own items are available for you to harvest at any time, as long as it’s not raining. Look for the signs marking the beds!
Flowers! See sign for limit
parsley-1 bunch
basil-1 bunch
mint-no limit
oregano-no limit
thyme-5 sprigs
rosemary-3 springs
sage-small bunch
hot peppers

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