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August 15th 2011 Share 13
Please bring your own clippers or scissors tot he farm for U-Pick herbs and flowers-13 weeks ago we bought $80 worth of clippers for u-pick, and there are only 1 or 2 left! A flat tire due to running over clippers left in the field present a several hundred dollar problem to the farm! If you use farm clippers, please return them to the p/u coordinator, the bucket/pitcher that holds the clippers, or the shed. If you took clippers home by mistake, please return them to us! Thank you!

Whats Happening At the Farm
This season we’re growing over 50 varieties of tomatoes at the H.O.G. From round red standbys to multicolored cherries and funky-shaped heirlooms, we have tomatoes for every occasion. The vines are starting to peak, so eat as much as you can to hold you over until next August. Listed below is some of our favorite varieties of heirloom tomatoes. They may not look great, but the seeds were loving saved over generations because of their outstanding flavor.
Aunt Rubies German Green-this variety is a real standout this season, making large1-2 lb fruits that are reddish green when ripe. Seldom make “perfect” fruits, Aunt Ruby’s are often cracked and catfaced, but taste outstanding. Definitely my #1 favorite variety this season.
Prudens Purple-Fruits ripen very early, and have that quintessential heirloom look-huge 1 pounders, catfaced, cracked, and pink, the flavor is out of this world. Silky texture, minimal seeds, rich and sweet with a nice tartness to balance it out.
Green Zebra-Small, bright chartreusey-green with deep, lime-green stripes. Rich tomato taste with a bit of a bite.
Dr. Wychies Yellow-Huge, yellow fruits!  Meaty fruits with a mild, sweet flavor. Seldom cosmetically perfect, great for fresh eating.
Speckled Roman-Cylindrical red paste tomato with yellowish orange striations. Rich tomatoey sweetness and great texture, suitable for fresh eating or sauce.
Green Moldovan-Yellow-green when ripe, this mid-sized, slightly flat tomato. Very citrusy yet sweet, our favorite new find for this year. Eat it fresh like an apple or make a green salsa with tomatillos and this beauty.
Purple Calabash-small, squat, truly purple and very ruffled looking, this tomato is the opposite of what you would buy in a supermarket. Flavor is unique-intense, sweet, yet tart also, worth the effort to cut up! Impossible to get a nice slice off of, but perfect for a chunky tomato salad.
Cherokee Purple-dark pinkish-purple fruits have greenish brown shoulders when ripe. Stunning sliced, interior colors range from red, pink and purple to green, brown and black. Great smoky flavor, derived from an old Cherokee Indian heirloom.
We hope to do a canning day at the farm again this season, Saturday August 27th. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to me! Space is limited, and the cost is $10. Please bring your own mason jars, and new lids! Six should be plenty.

In Season Now
cherry tomatoes
eggplant-japanese or italian

Briermere Fruit Share Week 9
white peaches
mixed bag peaches and nectarines

On The Way
hot peppers

Pick Your Own
Pick your own items are available for you to harvest at any time, as long as it’s not raining. Look for the signs marking the beds!
Flowers! See sign for limit
parsley-1 bunch
basil-1 bunch
mint-no limit
oregano-no limit
thyme-5 sprigs
rosemary-3 springs
sage-small bunch

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